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For those who are doing lots of cable running or even lots of house rewires, Snap Wire Guider is not only a useful but also a desirable tool that speeds everything up!

Where before you might lose things behind walls or under the floor or if using rods you wouldn’t normally know what you’re pushing through, now with the Snap Wire Guider, you’re making sure the cables have a clear path to run through while knowing exactly where it is.

The strength of the magnet is what makes this tool what it is. You can quite easily run it underneath floorboards with accuracy.

  1. Strength of the magnet and its capability to run under floorboards, steel-framed walls, under the carpet, etc.
  2. Two shapes of magnets can pass through the holes of different sizes.
  3. A desirable tool that quickens everything up with cable running.
  4. Not disruptive to the walls in finished properties, allows you to do the job as neatly as possible.

Snap Wire Guider, a magnetic wire pulling system allows you to effortlessly pull the cablethrough walls, floors, and ceilings even ceiling voidsby yourself. No morestruggling with the arrangement of wirebetween walls and enclosed spaces.

It has been designed to make electricians’ jobs easier when routing cables through floor voids. (It’s important to note that because of the strength of the magnet, you must keep it separate from your electrical testing equipment or anything affected by magnetism.)

  1. Eliminate damage to walls and numerous trips in and out of attics while on the job.
  2. Strong magnet that clears a path and pulls your cables through.
  3. Helps make installations in small spaces easier.

Snap Wire Guider claims to cut cable fishing time by up to 70% and you can see why, as it gives electricians complete control and flexibility to navigate cables behind wooden stud walls, paneled walls, plasterboard walls, even steel-framed walls, and under floorboards and carpet.

It’s a very desirable tool for a domestic installer when you are doing rewires in finished properties, where you can’t be intrusive into the walls too much, where you need to get cables down the back of a cavity wall, or in an open space wall where you can’t cut into the fabric of the building.

On the other hand, Snap Wire Guider’s innovative leader-pull design navigates the cable through the enclosed spaces smoothly, through insulation and other obstructions, then allows you to pull the cable under the floor to your access point.

The swivel leader eyelet lets you connect accessories like a pulling grip. It securely connects to most wires and mesh wire pulling grips. And the non-marring leader navigates around obstructions up to 20 feet.

  1. Step 1. Uncoil the cord from the spool, place the bait magnet (with a cord attached) through the place you need;
  2. Step 2. Secure the cable (up to 10mm) to the eyelet attachment;
  3. Step 3. Connect it with scout magnet together. Using the thumb grip, pull the cord through the wall;
  4. Step 4. Pull the cable through the void with ease.

Snap Wire Guider allows you to work smarter, not harder, and this innovative wire pulling tool will help you get the job done fast and done right.

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21 reviews
  1. Vladimiro De Angelo

  2. Jaimee Harter

  3. Alfonso Villapol

  4. Gérald Noir

  5. Jannette Wilmes

    Very powerful magnet. Works great.

  6. Samirah Hood

  7. Alfredo Lamanna

  8. Aasiyah Haney

  9. Niam Mullins

  10. Takako Ream

  11. Kawano Tanyu

  12. Chae Jiang

    Very powerful magnet. Works great.

  13. Kemberly Roza

  14. Susann Masson

    The magnet is strong, through the table in 4 cm moves easily!

  15. Andrea Xiong

  16. Alpha Um

  17. Valtena Amodei

  18. Branda Goshorn

  19. Ellie Julius

    The magnet is strong, through the table in 4 cm moves easily!

  20. Dieter Krist

  21. Prudence Rodden

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