Adjustable Clavicle Posture Corrector

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About the product

  • Brand NameFoPcc
  • AgeAdult


This posture brace works by training the muscles and spine to return to their natural alignment, reducing back pain caused by poor posture. Training only 2 hours a day improves erect posture and improves self-confidence. Physically keep your shoulders back. Only by wearing this clavicle support twice a day will you get good posture.


Gender: Unisex

Material: extra soft and breathable high-quality neoprene

Straighten your shoulders and back, pull your shoulders back to align your collarbone. Get the correct posture and let your head, spine, neck, and neck bones line up naturally.

Fully padded for maximum comfort.

Adjust to fit over or under clothing.


Hunch Back
Bad posture
Lower back pain
Clavicle fracture
Plug not aligned
Loose ligaments
Rounded shoulders
Neck pain
Osteoporosis pain

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